Sunday, 18 May 2014

Try Google’s New Search Feature As the Crow Flies!

We all know that Google had become part of everyone’s life in almost in all the daily activities.In Order to make the life much better,simple and faster. Google is adding new features to it’s OneBox Features. The company had recently launched it’s new feature named As the Crow Flies!(Yes one more animal joined in Google with panda,penguin.humming bird), to it’s OneBox which lets you to know the Distance between the two places.

This feature was released by Google before two days. According Google the measurement is calculated as the crow flies! that works for far-flung locale, Here is what Google said about calculation of distance

This “as the crow flies” distance is a new Google Search feature that works for far-flung locales, beyond what you can drive or walk.

So it will work only for two distance points which are far enough, If they are not then you will get as below.

Your query can be in your normal language like distance between Hyderabad and Delhi Or How far is between Hyderabad and Delhi.