Sunday, 18 May 2014

HOW To Unlock Your Memory Card Password

If you protect your memory card with password and you have forgot it then dont worry. Today i am going to solve your this problem . So follow my steps...

*Install MMCPWD and run it. It will display you some special characters including your password

*Find your mmcstore file. install and launch System Explorer or F Explorer application. go to c:system and open (using Unicode/hex editor) the mmcstore file. it will display your password.

*NOTE:you can also copy the mmcstore file to any folder of your phone memory, rename it to mmcstore.txt and open it without using any unicode/hex editor).MMCPWD.sis 

Download Link: CLICK HERE


*.Open up fe explorer thingy.
*.Go to C:system folder and locate a file named mmcStore. Scroll down till you find it.
*.Copy it to C:nokiaothers
*.Highlight it
*.click options
*.IT should turn blue:right clickthen write “.txt” [should look like “MMCSTORE.txt”]
*.try to open it, [that should be your password, if nothing happens then go to 9.]
*.connect phone to pc
*.Openthe filefrom C:\NOKIA\OTHERS\MMCSTORE
*.copy the file to your desktop
*.open with Windowsnotepad/microsoft word
*.that should be your password 


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