Wednesday, 14 May 2014

5 Awesome Tips and Tricks For Microsoft Word 2010

MS word is World’s mostly and widely used text editor with awesome features and functionality. Across many years, be it the 2001 version,2007 version and now the 2010 version MS word is the most used, most preferred and most helpful text editors in the world.

In this article, I am going to give you all 5 awesome and amazing MS word tips which are very useful for everyone who use MS word regularly and also for them who are using it for the first time.

5 Awesome Tips For Microsoft Word 2010:

Here are the 5 tips and tricks which are of great use while using MS Word 2010:

1.Use of SHIFT+F3:

With the help of Shift+F3 shortcut, you can very easily turn the text into upper case, lower case and title case letters with no efforts. This is required many times when you want to change the whole document into upper case, lower case or in title case. Then this command will be proven very helpful for all the users of MS Office Word because you can do that by using this shortcut.

2. Get Complete Control on typing:

We can always use MS Office Word as a simple Notepad or other simple text editor.It means, Word will not let you know about your mistakes in typing and spelling and more. You’ll get the full typing control in MS Office Word. Follow the below steps carefully to do this:

Now, in the new popup box, navigate to Proofing and then click on AutoCorrect Options.

In the next box, just uncheck all the Auto-Correct items to get full control on typing in MS Word.

4.How To Customize Quick Access Toolbar:

The quick access toolbar is used to access the important and most used tools very quickly. It is placed at the top left corner of the Word screen.
To customize Quick Access Toolbar, click on its button and select the tools you want to access quickly. You can also browse more tools to be added in this toolbar by clicking on More Commands.

5.Save Embedded Images:

It may happen sometimes that you receive MS word document full of content and pictures embedded inside. If you need to extract images from MS word document to post them anywhere else, there is no option provided by Microsoft Word to save them. But still by using some other tricks, you can simply extract and save embedded images from any MS word document.
All you have to do is select the image, go to file, click on save as and look for Save As Type and Select Web Page Filtered

So by the above 5 tips and tricks you can easily handle MS word with less efforts and more productive work. Stay tuned to our website for more awesome tips and tricks.


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