Saturday, 17 May 2014

Best Free Antivirus for Android Mobile Phone or Tablets

Android mobiles are trending today. World is running behind android and its versions. I am sure you also having one high end android mobile with you. So why this article?? After my previous post on Best free antivirus for windows 8 getting huge response I decided to write Best Free Antivirus for Android Devices. So here in this article I listed the best 5 antivirus for Android mobiles and tabs.

1. AVG Mobile Antivirus:-

When you download AVG Anti-virus and install on your mobile or tablet it shows screen alert like in below picture. By touching the screen you can perform the scan.

It is a free anti virus software, which helps you to protect your mobiles from virus, malware and spyware.

It provides some other features like ANTI THEFT ,SMS SCANNER,TASK KILLER etc.

It protects your mobile when you use internet on your mobile.

Download AVG anti-virus from ANDROID MARKET.

  2.Look Out Mobile  Antivirus:

Look out anti virus for mobile is one of the best android anti virus softwares. It keeps yours tablets and phones safe and secure.

You can run the app any time and scan for virus.

It protects your mobile when you use internet.

It also provides some other features like back up,Anti theft this helps you when you loose your mobile,protection and many more.Only defect is it consumes more battery power.

3.AVAST Mobile Security:

Avast Mobile Security provides complete Android antivirus protection, to keep you safe from malicious apps.

It has a Web shield that scans URLs for malware.

It provides many features like Block hackers,Browse without worry,Anti theft and many more.

Click here to download  AVAST Mobile Security.