Monday, 12 May 2014


Google announced it's new version of Android Operating System as version name 4.3 with launch of it's new tablet Nexus 7.

The new version is called 'Jelly Bean' and it is actually the 3rd version after 4.1 and 4.2 Jelly Bean Android OS. 
As per the previous leaks Android has tried to do something big with its new update of 4.3 and especially Android launched this new version of OS to beat the market of Apple's iOS 7 .

Now Let Us Take The Look At The Amazing New Features of Android 4.3

1) Restricted Profiles

Google in this update has an amazing new feature for restricting users of the phone by this new feature users can restrict the app usage and content consumption on a Android device. So you'll able to make the profiles of the users in case of multiple users of the device. Parents can control the apps and games their kids have accessed on their tablets. Main drawback of this new feature is that it only works with the Android Tablets.

2) Bluetooth Smart Ready

Google introduces the new feature in the Android Bluetooth Service that all the Android 4.3 devices will support now low-energy Bluetooth Smart Accessories like heart beat rate monitors , pedometers , thermometers and many other. Users will now able to sync with these low energy devices without affecting to battery life of the device. This feature was missing in the Android OS as per the Google.

3) Dial-pad Autocomplete

Android 4.3 now also adds the auto complete feature to the dial-pad which suggests the contact names and phone numbers when users starts dialing number. This is not a new feature for Android devices of HTC and SAMSUNG because this feature is already in their UI skins. Users can initiate app settings by going to app settings and enabling 'Dial-pad Autocomplete'.

4) Notification Access

Notification is a very popular feature in the previous Android version and in Android 4.3 you can interact with the status bar notification. This will allow users to control the notifications that how it is pushed to the primary and connected devices (smart watches , fitness bands). This will allow users to see all the notifications at one place.

5) Open GL ES 3.0

This feature in Android 4.3 has been specially added for gaming junkies. This will deliver high quality graphics in games and other apps. Google said that Android 4.3 gives the whole new gaming experience. Google also show the demo of game play on Android 4.3 ...

6) Simplified Setup Wizard

Android Jelly Bean now also gives the corrections to the user inputs while signing in to the device. User can also change the details which were given during the first boot of the device. Google has also added a new feature for fastly switching the user accounts in case of multiple users. 

7) Bluetooth AVRCP

Now Google devices running on 4.3 can sync with the car stereo systems using bluetooth and offer additional features. The Bluetooth AVRCP 1.3 version allows stereo systems to display metadata such as album names when music is streaming from the Android 4.3 devices.

8) Location Accuracy Features via Wi-Fi scan only

Google has improved the GPS - Ground Positioning System feature in the Android 4.3 devices by allowing location scanning using Wi-Fi of devices. It now allows other apps to take the location information by Wi-Fi of the phone even the Wi-Fi is off.

9) Keyboard and Input

Android 4.3 has Updated algorithm for tap-typing recognization that makes text input much easier while chating via messages and also when you are composing emails. It also has the new emoji keyboard like we have previously seen on iOS devices. It has also improved its keyboard taking in consideration using joysticks for better gaming experience.

10) Hindi is now Supported by Android 4.3

Google has added native local languages support to this new version 4.3 for Africans , Amharic , Hindi , Swahili and Zulu. Google also added another languages such as Hebrew and Arabic in the Home screen , Settings , Phone , People and in Apps.

Android 4.3 also has the all new updated camera app that has the new amazing arch based menu which makes it easier to control the app and switch camera settings.


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