Saturday, 17 May 2014

How to Download Google Play Store Apps on PC

There is no need to give introduction about android operating system, which is widely used by most of the mobile users and it had huge global share on mobile market. The reason behind the popularity of android operating system is its large number of apps, games and it is a free operating system. Google own this android operating system and it provide updates to android operating system with latest patches and improvements. Coming to the point, if you want to download and install android apps on your mobile then you must download from play store. In case if you want to download and install play store apps on pc there is no direct method.

How to Download Play Store Apps on PC?

There are so many websites which provides android apps for pc but most of the people trust on Google play store only. That’s why we provide one useful website to download android apps from Google play store.

1. First of all open website which downloads apk files directly from Google play store without modifying file.

2. Website has simple interface without any unnecessary options. You need to enter package name or Google play URL in the box.

3. To find package name of any android application just open Google play store in your web browser and search for application which one you want to download. For example here I want to download whatsapp messaging application. So search for whatsapp in Google play store and it shows some results related to whatsapp.

4. Click on the correct application and you’ll get package name from the address bar. Every package starts with com. It will be shown in the URL like the below one.


5. Here you need to copy com.whatsapp, alternatively you can copy whole URL of the application and paste it into apk downloader website.

6. Once you paste the URL of application then click on Generate Download Link button to download application into your pc.

7. Before downloading the application once check all details of the application and proceed to download.

8. Once you confirm all details are ok then click download button to download any android application into pc.

If you have Google chrome browser then you can download any android application from your account also. For this you need to install latest Google chrome browser and after that install APK Downloaded chrome extension.

After installing chrome extension you need to give some details like device id, your Google play store details like username and password.

How to Get Device ID of Any Android Mobile?

1. To get device id of any android mobile you can try this code from dialer. *#*#8255#*#*

2. If you use tablet then this code doesn’t work for you. To know the device id of your tablet you need to install one android application that is Device ID.

Download Device ID