Thursday, 22 May 2014

How to Send Email with Password Protection in Gmail Yahoo and Outlook-Encrypted mails

And there are some E-mail providers like Gmail who track the emails of their users to serve the targeted ads to them. So if you would like to tighten the security of your Emails then there are some best tools available on Internet which can help you to send the encrypted emails.
Before you start using these encryption software you need to know some basic about some terms which are often used.

Public Key: This is used to encrypt the data or message. You can share this key with any one.

Private key:This key is used to decrypt the encrypted message. This key should be kept screct. In other words this key is just like your password to access the message.


Mailvelope Is one of the best encryption email service tool, which you can use it any where and protect your Emails from others spying on you.

I love using Mailvelope because it works on all the three major email providers which are Gmail,Yahoo mail and OutLook and also GMX( I don’t use this service regularly).

Mailvelope is a open-source tool where any one can contribute to it. Mailvelope uses the OpenPGP encryption to safeguard your email.

Mailvelope is having a great and simple user interference. Sending Encryption mail using mailvelope is dead easy where even a small child can use it. And the best feature we love on mailvelope is no copying of the encrypted text or message from the email you received into mailvelope to decrypt the text or message.Mailvelope integrates directly into the user interference of almost all the web mail services.

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Note:Before sending the mail to the person you need generate a key in the MailEvlope Settings.

Download Mailvelope:

Right Now Mailvelope is available as Chrome Extension you can get this from Here


This is a web based email service to encrypt the data. Sendinc uses the 256 bit Encryption code to safe guard your emails.This encryption is usually used by E-Commerce and Banking sites.In this web based email service your message is first encrypted with 256 bit encryption and sent to the SendInc Data centers so even the SendInc can’t access your message on there servers as it is encrypted.SendInc then generates the Encryption key and sends to the recipients in the form of Link in your emailing list.When they click on that link they are redirected to other page where they can enter the password to decrypt the email.

SendInc also lets you to also encrypt the attachments in your email. In basic you can get encrypt upto 10MB of attachments.If you want to encrypt more amount of data then you need to get a paid plan from SendInc.