Thursday, 15 May 2014

How to Access Multiple Cloud accounts with Single Account

Today every cloud user is having at least more than two cloud storage accounts, Cloud Storage services had made the life easier to access the files from any where in the world. But this is for only those who use the single cloud storage account. People who use more than two cloud storage accounts are having a lot of inconvenience in remembering the passwords and accounts associated :-P and searching for single files in multiple cloud storage services is actually killing the time. 

So here to overcome these issues with the cloud we need a single sign in account like Google’s Single single sign account which can be used to login to all the accounts with single account. So using this concept of Logging accounts we can manage all the cloud storage accounts at one place.

MultCloud : 

MultCloud is a simple web app which is making life of cloud users more easy with single sign on to access and manage all the cloud accounts from single place.You can link DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive,Amazon S3,BO,Sugar Sync , WebDav and your FTP accounts too with MultCloud. And one more thing MultCloud is free.

Setting up Account with MultCloud:

Setting up MultCloud is so easy. All you need to is just to fill the small registraion form here and verify your email account.

Linking the Cloud Storage accounts with MultCloud

In Order to access and manage your cloud accounts you need to link with MultCloud i.e you should give the MultCloud permission to access your accounts.

MultCloud supports DropBox, One Drive, Google Drive, BOX, Sugar sync. Amazon S3, FTP and WebDav.

To link the accounts click on “Add Cloud Drives” as shown in image.

Then select your cloud storage provider and click on next to give permission to MultCloud to access your cloud files. Here for the demonstration I am adding my dropbox account. The same way you add the other cloud accounts and access them from place.

Now Click on “Allow” to give MultCloud to access your cloud files as show in image.

Features of MultCloud:

MultCloud lets you to search for files in all the cloud accounts at once.Which is a time saving feature.

MultCloud has preview option. You can preview the docx, PDF ( MultCloud uses Google Doc viewer at backend :-D )and images too.

And one best feature is you can move and copy the files from one cloud storage to another cloud storage same as we do on our computers.

Just right click on the file you want to copy to another cloud storage and click on copy to. In the new pop up window you can select the cloud storage to which the copy should be copied.

You can also share the files with public directly from MultCloud by right clicking on the file selecting share. You can remove the share link after some time.( i.e you can unlink the file)

You can also link any number of cloud accounts of same and different cloud storage service and use them at single place.


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